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Weight Issues Down Under

I am a member of Obesity Action, an advocacy group made up of professionals who seek to promote understanding, acceptance and evidence-based approaches and policies to address obesity in Canada. They recently posted an article about how obesity is being managed in Australia.

What I love about the article is the fact that society at large needs to understand that obesity is not caused by lack of effort, or trying. Rather, it must be handled medically and psychologically. It also talks about the dangers involved in "extreme exercise" efforts to lose weight. Sometimes people want to lose weight so badly that they injure themselves to the point where they have to stop. Eating less and moving/exercising more is not something to be done at the "extreme" end of the scale. Rather, it is important to eat and move/exercise to enjoy your life and yourself. The weight benefits will come with consistency and enjoyment.

And finally, it speaks to the fact that many, many, many medical and health care professionals simply do not understand obesity as a disease, nor the psychological stresses faced by obese individuals. Chose your health care providers very carefully! More on how to do that later.

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