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Its About a Quiet Mind, Not Pounds Lost

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

There was a wonderful quote I heard about four years ago on a weight-loss podcast from someone who lost a lot of weight. They said "When you are 150 pounds over weight, an hour or even 30 minutes does not go by where you don't think about your weight, your health or food." The big breakthrough for me with my weight was when I was on vacation, and I had a minor medical issue, and I said to myself "I am sick and tired of having to think about my weight. I am on vacation, I want to enjoy myself!" When I got home, I made a vow that I would quiet my mind.

As I work psychologically with people who want to lose weight, have eating disorders or food addictions, many people tell me that it is more important for them to stop the constant worry in their mind than it is to actually lose the weight. To me this is a wonderful motivation to actually lose weight and take control of their health. As people begin to manage their weight what they realize is that the peace that is created by taking control of their health is more important than the actual pounds lost itself. This is how confidence is built in one's self. It effectively is the first step involved in detaching weight, diet, appearance and perfect exercise and eating from weight loss itself.

It is great when clients can come in to a session and say "I may not have been perfect this week, but you know what, I don't have the voice in my head telling me I am going to have a heart attack." At that point, they have another, more valuable "measure" of their success than the scale, and I know that long-term weight loss is much more in reach for those clients than it is for those that still have a frenzied mind and relationship with their weight and food.

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