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Eric O'Grey Took A Weight-Loss Risk

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

If you haven't seen Eric O'Grey's moving weight loss story, I encourage you to look at it here...

In my view, Eric has done most everything right when it comes to his weight loss, and I am using different parts of his story as an example for others to follow. In my last post, I talked about the double-edged sword of shame.

This week, I want to talk about the fact that Eric took it upon himself to adopt a rescue dog as part of his weight-loss plan. There is so much pure genius in that move it cannot be under-stated. However, what most impresses me is that no weight-loss book, no weight-loss diet and no exercise plan recommended a dog. Instead, it was a zany recommendation provided by a nutritionist, or naturopathic doctor. Rather than look at it as something out of left field, he took a risk, and did it and it worked.

My own weight-loss story is also full of risks. I ate Nutella on a white-bagel for a month for breakfast as a way of breaking my habit of skipping breakfast and lunch, risking not actually losing any weight during the start of my plan. However, I knew that it was more important for me to reclaim my ability to wake-up and eat than it was to actually lose weight at the start of my process.

I also joined a muscle gym that was in walking distance from where I lived. I am not a muscle guy, have a fused spine and a steel rod and was told not to do "heavy lifting". However, I knew that in order for me actually succeed at exercise, I needed a gym close to me, and the muscle gym was the only one within walking distance. By the time I left the gym three and a half years later, I was excellent friends with the owner.

I don't advocate "taking a risk" as part of a weight-loss plan, per-se. Rather, I take more of a zen approach to starting weight-loss. Specifically "when the student is ready the teacher will appear" is what I believe. When you approach the task of weight-loss with an open and pure mind, what you may wind up actually doing is something you never thought you would do at all.

The lesson here is not to take a weight-loss risk and hope that it works. I don't think that's the take-away at all. I think the take-away is this... is your mind in a place where you are able to evaluate what is right for you in regard to your weight-loss? What I find is that those whose minds have fundamentally shifted are able to take their situation and find unique ways of solving it, ways that they have often never thought of.

So rather than force yourself to take a risk in regard to weight loss, ask yourself if you are ready to take one - it is the more important issue I believe.

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