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The Weight Loss Blog

By Brian Baumal

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The Weight Loss Blog

I fancy myself a bit of a writer. I don't know whether I'm proficient at it, but I certainly do have very strong opinions about weight loss. Please read below!


Winning the Weight Loss War

About once a month Tony Vassallo and I host a seminar on "Winning the Weight Loss War". Below is a recording from the last seminar from...

Eric O'Grey: Shame, Shame Go Away

I had mentioned I would dissect Eric O'Grey's story about weight loss, and how he did most everything right. The following is the video...

Its About a Quiet Mind, Not Pounds Lost

There was a wonderful quote I heard about four years ago on a weight-loss podcast from someone who lost a lot of weight. They said "When...

Let Food be Thy (Emotional) Medicine

Hippocrates, the founder of modern medicine, said "Let food be thy medicine." I am sure many people would agree. If you are an emotional...

Leadership from Weight Loss Providers

Anyone that has had a "bad boss" knows that there is a fine art to leadership.  A boss that is too controlling can be stifling, and one...

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