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If You Are Going To Lose Weight, The Most Important Question You Can Ask Yourself Is "How Is This Time Going To Be Different Than All The Other Failed Attempts?" One Answer Is That You Can Work With A Registered Psychotherapist And Someone Who's Managed Weight Successfully For Over Eight Years 

Losing weight started off as the hardest thing I had ever done in my life. Forget about diet and exercise - I was battling shame, guilt and the real frustration of not seeing results over-night.  I remember working out with a personal trainer and not being able to finish the warm-up stretches for the first month.  Talk about embarrassment!!  In order to be successful at weight management, we have to take things slowly, at the pace our body takes them, not at the pace we want.  That's humility!

As a Registered Psychotherapist, I work with such concepts as mindfulness, CBT/DBT strategies to deal with emotional issues related to weight management and "living in the present". 



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I have spent the better part of my career studying the different weight loss paradigms

They can be complicated, confusing and even contradictory if you don’t understand them – it’s one of the reasons why communications about weight, body-image, diet and exercise make Donald Trump’s communications look brilliant and easily understandable in comparison. One of the first things I do, both as a therapist, and a principal here at Shift Weight Management Associates, is orient you to the psychological issues you are dealing with when it comes to your weight. Once we have a formal plan in place, treatment starts with both of us knowing what to expect from treatment. You’ll get a thorough explanation of where things are heading. While one of the main approaches is individual therapy, we can certainly discuss other options as well, such as Group Support, CBT-Groups, Psycho-Education and more formal Group Therapy options.


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